Frequently Asked Questions


Cedar shingles, felt tiles, or heavy duty mineral surfaced felt are virtually maintenance free. To prolong the life of the roof we recommend that the roof is kept clear of debris such as moss, leaves or foliage.


All the timber joinery and cladding on your new building is supplied ready treated with preservative. To maintain the appearance and protect the timber it is necessary to retreat it periodically.. We recommend that this work is carried out every three to five years (where a building is in an exposed position it may be necessary to retreat more often). For our Cedarwood buildings we use a clear or natural treatment applied by a paint brush. For our softwood buildings there is a wide range of brush applied treatments available in a selection of shades, colours and finish. To prepare the timber before retreating, we would recommend that it be washed down with a stiff brush and soapy water to clean off all the debris, leave to dry and then treat in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations.


If your new building has a timber floor it will be installed using damp proof protection between the treated floor joists and supporting structure. To prevent any moisture bridging the damp proofing we recommend that any all vegetation is kept clear from the edge of the building and all timber structure close to ground level be kept clear of any contact with soil and vegetation. It is important that a free flow of air is allowed to ventilate the space under the floor.